Yangon-Tatuai Coach Load Cung Ah A Cit Ve Mi Khualtlawng Pakhat Ruahlopin A Nunnak Liam I An Zohfel Tikah Covid Zawtnak An Hmuh

Yangon in Tantuai lei ah akal mi khualtlawng phur mawtaw cungah a cit vemi kum(60) hrawng pakhat cu ruahlopin lungfim lo in a um i a nunnak a liam,Kun sii-inn ah an zohfel tikah Covid zawtnak hmuh a si tiah thawngtheih a si.

July 11 zaan mawtaw in Yangon in Tantuai lei ah a kalmi khualtlawnnak ah kum(60) hrawng mi pa pakhat cu mawtaw cungah a nunnak a liam i,Covid 19 zawtnak an zohfel tikah a thimi hi Covid 19 zawtnak hmuh a si tiah Kun peng ngandamnak zung nih an thanh.

Hi thil a can ruangah mawtaw cungah a tel mi poh khualtlawng hna cu Covid an ngeih le ngeih lo zohfel an si lai tiah theih a si.

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