US Ah Kan Unaupa Cungdawt Nih Mual A Kan Liam Tak

Thih Dar Kan Tum!

Miphun hawi hna, Pu. Cung Mang (Zephai) le Pi. Thla Hniang (Ngalang) i an dawtmi fapa Salai. Cung Dawt Cem (19 y/o) nih meithal kah nak in 1/18/2021 dei lei ah a nunnak a kan liam tak ti’n thawngpang kan theih. Hi bantuk thawngpang kan theih tikah, a hawikom rual asi mi Zophei mino cu kan ngaih a chia hringhran! Taantak mi chungkhar Bawipa tu nih in hnem hram ko hna seh! Nan ngaihchiatnak le lungkuainak vialte, Zophei mino nih kan in hrawmpi hna.

Ngaihchiatnak hrawmpi buin,Zophei Community of America Youth.

It is with our deepest condolence to inform you the death of Cung Dawt Cem (19 y/o); son of Pu. Cung Mang (Zephai) and Pi. Thla Hniang (Ngalang). A great young man with a bright future ahead. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and relatives of the deceased.

Cun Zualko thiamthiam : Thih Dar Kan Tum ! Miphun hawi hna ngaihchiatnak kan tong. Lawngtlang khuami Pu Lam Hong le Pi Ngun Doi i an Fanu Dawt Ṭha Par kum 7 nih ni hin 01/17/2021 ah ruah lopi in hi vawlei nunnak in a kan liam tak ti thawng kan theih an nih hi CUPC ah a um mi an si, hi bantukin kan Fanu nih a kan kaltak tikah Zophei vialte kan ngeih a chia i kan lung a kuai hringhran, tantak mi Nu le Pa Chungkhar Khuami vialte hna caah thlacam bawm cio hna u sih.Chungkhar Khuami vialte Bawipa nih nan ngaihchiatnak in hnem ko hna seh. Nan hngaichiatnak kan in hrawmpi hna .Zophei Community of American.Assistant director , Lian Hei Ling

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