Thawngthar : Cyclone Ruangah Rakhine Ramkulh Chung Khualtlawng Ding Vialte Kham Chung An Si

Rakhine ramkulh khualtlawngmi motor hna cu Mocha Cyclone ruang ah May 13 thawk in dinhter chung an si i ti lam le vanlawng in khualtlawng ding mi hna zong dinhter chung an si, tiah theih a si.

Hmundang in Rakhine ramkulh chung i a lutmi cu kham an si cang nain, Rakhine ramkulh chung ah cun umhmun ṭhialkam ah nihin May 13 tiang khualtlawng an um rih. Sittwe peng in hmun dang ah a kalmi motor cu an kham rih lo, tiah Sittwe um mi pakhat nih a chim.

Yangon in Sittwe a zuangmi vanlawng cu thlichia ruang ah ni li chung phihkham a si, tiah vanlawng ticket a zuartu agent pakhat nih RFA ah a chim. Cun pin ah Yangon in Sittwe a kalmi khualtlawng motor hna cu nicaan rikhiah um lo in an phih, tiah khualtlawng motor khaltu pakhat nih a chim. Rakhine ramkulh chung i ti lam khualtlawnnak vialte zong thlichia ruangah kham dih an si, tiah tualchung mi hna nih an chim. Cred : The Chin Post

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