SAC Nih Nawlngeihnak An Laak Hnu Ah Vanlawng In Voi 1,427 Kahdohnak An Tuah

SAC nih nawlngeihnak an laak hnu in kum 2 chung ah vanlawng in kahdohnak voi 1,427 an tuah i, vanlawng kahdohnak ruang ah rammi 634 an nunnak a liam cang, tiah hlathlainak a tuahtu Ngian Lin Thit phu nih an thanh.

2021 February 1 in 2023 April thla tiang ah SAC ralkap nih vanlawng in voi 1,427 kahdohnak an tuah ruangah dohthlennak ah aa telmi chungtel hna le rammi 634 nunnak a liam cang, tiah an langhter.

Chin ramkulh chung ah SAC nih vanlawng in kahdohnak voi 77 an tuah i, tualchung mi 64 nak tlawm lo an nunnak a liam, tiah an langhter ve.

SAC ralkap faak piin a dohtu Karenni ramkulh, Chin ramkulh, Karen ramkulh, Shan ramkulh le Sagaing ramṭhen ah SAC nih Martial Law an thanh i, ralkap thazaang tampi an chap pinah vanlawng hmang in kahdohnak faak ngai in an tuah.

Chin ramkulh chung vanlawng kahdohnak voi 77 leng chung ah hin rammi 64 nak tlawm lo an thih pinah Biakinn le biaknak he aa pehtlaimi inn 147 nak tlawm lo a rawk. 2023 January in April thla tiang kahdohnak chung ah vanlawng kahdohnak hi zatuak 71.42(71.42%) a si i, 2022 kum ah 20.77% le 2021 kum ah 7.79 % an si, tiah Khit Thi Media nih an ṭial. Cred : The Chin Post

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