PSG Team ah i Thial Ding in Messi aa Thawh Cang

Messi cu France Football Club minthang PSG ah i tthial ding in August 10 ah Barcelona Airport El Prat in Paris lei ah zuan ding in a chungkhar he an i thawh cang.

Barcelona he contract thar an tuah khawh ti lo caah PSG Coach he pumpak in phone an i chawh hnu ah PSG ah i tthial ding in a lungtlin hi a si.

Spain TV Channel La Sexta TV nih Messi bia an hal i, PSG ah ka chuih lai, tiah Messi nih a fehter.

Paris a phak in PSG he minsen an thut lai i ahmasa ah PSG nih €25 million an pek colh lai. Kum 2 contract a si lai i, kum khat ah €25 million thlahlawh pek chap a si lai, tiah The Atlantic nih a ttial.

PSG Club ah Neymar le Mbappe zong an um cang. Neymar le Messi Team khat ah an chuih tti tthan lai.

Mbappe hi PSG nih contract thar an tuah lai le tuah lai lo a fiang rih lo. Real Madrid nih Mbappe cawk ding in an bawh ve.

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