PSG Manager Thar Pochettino Cu A Positive

French club ngan Paris Saint-Germain nih cun an manager thar Mauricio Pochettino cu Covid-19 a positive tiah an phuan.

Argentina manager nih hin tu thla January ni 2 in khan PSG hi a zohkhenh, tu zarh ah khan Trophy des Champions ah PSG nih hin Marseille cu 2-1 in teiin, Pochettino nih hin manager bantuk in trophy a lak voikhatnak a si.

Kum 48 i upa mi Pochettino hi a quarantine lio a si i, zarh hnih hrawng cu a quarantine lai.

PSG manager thar Mauricio Pochettino cu Sars-Cov2 PCR test ah a positive ti theih a si.

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