Ngaihchia tuk asi, SAC Ralhrang nih Myanmar Ngakchia 53 an Thah Cang Hna

February 1 thawk in May 18 tiang ah SAC ralhrang nih kumtlinglo Myanmar ram ngakchia 53 a thah cang hna, tiah Myanmar ramkhel thongtla bawmtu bu (AAPP) nih thawngpang an chuah.

Kumtlinglo ngakchia 53 an nunnak a liam cang pin ah a dang kumtlinglo ngakchia 73 hi SAC ralhrang nih an tlai hna i atu tiang thlah rih lomi an si.

Phungninglo SAC ralhrang nih uknak an chuh hnu in Myanmar ramchung ngakchia hna ca zong ah humhimnak a um ti lo, tiah AAPP nih a langhter.

The Chin Journal

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