Magwe Ramthen CM Hlun Dr. Aung Moe Ngeo Cu Kum 21 Thongtla Ding In Biaceih A Si

Magwe ramṭhen, Chief Minister Dr. Aung Moe Ngeo(Dr. အောင်မိုးညို) cu Election phunglam buar in a cawlcangh ruangah case serpiak a si i, nihin April 8 ah biaceihpiak a si i rianhrang ṭuan buin kum 1 thong tla ding in Magwe peng biaceihzung nih bia a khiahpiak.

Dr. Aung Moe Ngeo hi Magwe pengṭhen Election hruaitu pakhat nih taza a rak cuai, tiah theih a si. “Dr. Aung Moe Ngeo hi Election phunglam buar in a cawlcanghnak kong ah biakhiahpiak a si cang i, Disaster Management phungphai kalh in a cawlcanghnak ah case dang serpiak ṭhan a si caah bia ceih a si rih lai,” tiah lawyer pakhat nih a chim.

Dr. Aung Moe Ngeo hi eihmuar dohnak case phun 6 in taza cuai a tong  i, kumhnih chung rianhrang a ṭuan buin kum 20 thong tla ding in biakhiahpiak a rak si cang. Atu ah Election rules in kum 1 dang thong tla chap ding in biakhiahpiak ṭhan a si caah a dihlak in kum 21 thong a tla lai. Cred : The Chin Post

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