Lawmhpi Cio Hna Usih : The Model Of Myanmar Organization nih Miss NewFace International 2020 ca ah Miss Angelina Ruth a thim

Araoh hlan ah Philippine, Manila khua ah hlunghlai ngaiin tuah ding mi ram 30 leng international Miss zuamnak ah Myanmar ai awh in a zuam ding ah The Model Of Myanmar Organization nih Angelina Ruth a thim tiah Mister & Miss Newface International Myanmar facebook page nih a tar langh.

hmanthlak – Mister &Miss Newface International Myanmar/ facebook Cred : The Chinland Post

Relchap : Rianphuah mi CDM fimthiamnak riantuan hna cu Private sianginn ah rianluh hna lo dingin ralhrang nih a thanh

Ralhrang nih rian an dinhter mi hna fimthiamnak riantuan CDM a tuahmi hnacu Private sianginn ah rianpek lo dingin May 27 ah Neypyidaw Private sianginn pawl cu theihternak an tuah hna.

Private sianginn cu June 1 in sianginn hon dingin an theihter fawn hna.

The Chin Post

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