Hakha Community Care Center ah COVID-19 Test Khawh a Si Cang

Hakha Township Public Healthcare (HTPH) tawlrelnak in atulio pulrai chung Community Care Center cu No. BEHS sianginn ah nihin ah an on cang.

Thaizing zaanlei sml. 1:00-4:00 karlak ah COVID-19 zawtnak ngeih le ngeih check awk ah ahopaoh rak fuhpanh khawh a si, tiah thawng an thanh. Cred : The Chin Journal

RELCHAP : Falam Ah Covid In Minung Pahnih An Nunnak Liam

August 2,2021 ah Falam peng,Lati khua i a ummi Pu Con Piang(kum 69) cu zinglei suimilam 5:00 hrawngah sii-inn ah a nunnak a liam i suimilam 8:00 ah Cinmual thlanthar ah le zanlei suimilam 5:00 hrawngah Dr.Van Lal Za Thang(kum 32) cu sii-inn ah a nunnak a liam i suimilam 7.:00 ah Laampa thlan ah Volunteer pawl le Church chung tuanvo ngeitu hna nih an vui hna.

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