Good News; KIA phufonh an cian hoi cang!!

KACHIN STATE, MYANMAR - 2010/10/20: A column of officers and soldiers of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) walks to a position located on a hilltop. With its 6,000 troops, the KIA is one of the best organized and equipped armed ethnic groups in Burma (Myanmar). In 1994, the KIA signed a cease-fire agreement with the Burmese junta. In April 2009, in the perspective of the November 7, 2010 general elections, the government ordered to the cease-fire ethnic groups to transform themselves into Border Guard Forces. Some groups have accepted but the most powerful such as the KIA, feeling threatened in their existence, have refused. . (Photo by Thierry Falise/LightRocket via Getty Images)

KIA Phufonh Nih SAC Ralhrang 34 An Thah Hna Pinah!
Sagaing ramthen, Kathar pengkulh, BanhBoigone khuate ah kahdohnak a chuak i SAC ralhrang minung 34 an thih pinah raltuknak vanlawngin SAC ralhrang nih bomb an thlak ko nain mi aa palh caah ralhrang minung 8 an thi chap i an zapiin minung 42 an nunnak a liam tiah kan theih.

August ni 22, zinglei suimilam 5:30 ah Kathar pengkulh nichuah lei, BanhBoigone khuate ah NgaO (121), hoikom phufonh a si mi KIA tatyin-12 kuttang Kachin PDF, Kathar Pah-Kah-Phah phufonh hna nih SAC ralhrang 309 ralkap, 120mm in Ayarawaddy tiva cu lawnhin raltuknak vanlang pa 2 in a va bomh hna i, BanhBoigone khuate cu chun suimilam 12:30 ah cunglei in kahdohnak an tuah tiah kan theih. Cu kahdohnak ah cun SAC ralhrang minung 34 an thi i, raltuknak vanlawngin bomb kan thlak an ti ko nain mi aa palh caah minung pa 8 an thi chap tiah kan theih.

Gangaw PDF Sakhan Cu SAC Ralkap Nih An Khangh! Magway ramṭhen, Gangaw peng thlanglei ummi PDF-Gangaw Company 12 sakhan cu, SAC ralkap nih nihin August 12 zing sml 10:00 ah an khangh, tiah theih a si. “Ralhrang 70 hrawng nih kan sakhan lei hoih in rallam an sial caah sakhan cu an khangh dih. Kanmah lei in a thimi le aa hliammi cu kan um lo,” tiah thlanglei ummi PDF-Gangaw in ṭuanvo ngeitu pakhat nih a chim.

Kan sakhan an khangh ruangah thilri a rawkmi le facang rawkmi zat cu ṭha tein kan tuak rih lo, tiah a chim chap. SAC ralkap pawl nih Aungmin khua zong hriamngan in an kah caah inn tam ngai a rawk, tiah PDF-Gangaw nih an langhter. Cu pin ah Aungmin khua thlanglei ummi lo-thlam hna zong mei in an khangh hnu ah SAC ralkap pawl cu Gangaw khua chung ah an lut ṭhan, tiah theih a si.

Pauk Peng Khuate Panga Cu SAC Ralkap Nih Nithum Chung An Khangh Caah Khuami A Thong Leng An Zaam!: Magway ramṭhen, Pauk peng Sathein, Ngaungyin, Kwekone, Kepin Ing le Laylan khua cu SAC ralkap nih nithum chung mei in an khangh caah khuami a thong leng cu a himnak hmun ah an zaam, tiah tualchung mi hna nih an chim. August 18 lio in SAC ralkap 150 hrawng cu Magway ramṭhen, khuate panga ah rallam an sial i, inn an khangh caah khuate panga lawng si loin a pawngkam ummi khua hna zong an zaam, dih tiah theih a si.

SAC ralkap nih inn an khangh pin ah khuami hna thilri man sung tampi cu an laak i, motor panga in an kalpi. Vok le an ar hna zong an thah i an ei, tiah an chim. SAC ralkap nih mei khanghnak in Sathein khua inn 7, Ngaungyin khua inn 20, Kwekone kgua inn 6, a dihlak inn 32 a ciam, tiah tualchung mi hna sinin theih a si.

Moreh Khua Ah Assam Rifle Nih Myanmar Rammi Pa Cu Hriamnam He A Inn Ah An Tlaih! India-Myanmar ramri Manipur ramkulh, Moreh khua Kanan sang ummi Myanmar rammi pakhat cu, August 19 zanṭim ah Assam Rifle le ramkulh palik nih a inn ah an luhhnawh i, pistol zung hnih he an tlaih, tiah Assam Rifle nih cathanh an chuah. Tlaih a tongmi Myanmar rammi pa cu Imphal khua lei ah an kuat. Anih hi nikum ah Moreh khua chung ah meithal le kutcheh bomb he an rak tlaih bal cangmi a si, tiah theih a si.

Tamu Khua Chaklei Ah Mi Thilri Chuhnak A Chuak Ṭhan! Sagaing ramṭhen, Tamu khua chaklei ah eidin thilri a zuarmi hna cu, hmai aa hupmi hna nih nihin August 22 zinglei sml 4:30 hrawng ah an thilri an chuh hna i, tangka tlawmpal zong an laak, tiah theih a si. Nihin August 22 ah Tamu khua chaklei khuate ah eidin thilri le nga zuar ding in a kalmi thil zuartu 3 cu Tamu peng Kwintaung khuathar le Chaungnetgyi karah, a nakmi puan in hmai aa hupmi pa 4 nih nam pali in lam an kham hna i, tangka kyats 60,000 hrawng an chuh hna, tiah theih a si.

Cu hnu sml cheu hrawng a rauh ah Tamu khua lei in thil zuar ding ah cycle in a kalmi nuva hna zong an thilri chuh ding in an dawi hna nain an zaam manh, tiah tualchung mi pakhat nih a chim. Puan nak in hmai aa hupmi misual phu hna cu a luancia August 17 ah mi thilri chuttu hna he an umtu ning aa khat ngaimi an si, tiah tualchung mi hna nih an chim. Tamu khua chaklei ah mi thilri chuhnak hi voili nak tam a chuak cang ko nain, SAC ralkap le PDF nih hmalaknak zeihmanh an tuah rih lo, tiah theih a si.

Yangon Ah UG Phu In Ralkap 6 Tlaih An Tong, A Hmun Ah 2 An Thah Hna, Yangon ah umhmun khuarmi UG phu pakhat a simi Burmese Ranger Army-LDF phu umnak inn pakhat cu August 9 ah SAC ralkap nih an rak luhhnawh hna i, an tlaih hna, tiah theih a si. SAC ralkap 30 hrawng nih civil motor pathum le DC Double Cab pakhat in an luhhnawh hna i, UG ralkap 6 an rak tlaih hna, tiah theih a si.

Tlaih a tongmi UG ralkap 6 chung in 2 cu a hmun ah an kah thah hna i, a taangmi 4 cu SAC ralkap nih ralram an kalnak ah ralphaw ah an hman hna, tiah theih a si. “An rak kan luhhnawh lio ah UG ralkap 9 an kan tlaih. Cu chung ah 3 cu kan luat. Dalan nih SAC ralkap thawng a pek hna ruangah a si, tiah kan theih caah hriamnam kan ngeihmi chung in kan si khawh tawk kan kah ve hna. Hriamnam aa dan tuk caah ralkap 6 an tlaih hna, 2 cu a hmun ah an kah thah hna.

“Meithal kuan nih ka ke a khen caah ka zaam kho ti lo. Ka hawile pahnih nih an ka cawi i, an ka zaampi,” tiah tlaih a tong i a luatmi UG, Burmese Ranger Army-LDF phu in ralkap pakhat nih a chim. Dalan nih thawng peknak ruangah Burmese Ranger Army-LDF phu le anmah he ṭhangṭi phu chung in ralkap cheukhat cu SAC ralkap nih an tlaih hna.

Tlaih a tongmi ralkap 6 sinin Glock 19-Gen5 a tawimi zun hnih, Ready Made bomb lung nga, tangka kyats sing 18, 9mm meithal kuan 200 le kutser bomb lung nga cu SAC ralkap nih an rak tlaih, tiah theih a si.

Chaung-U Peng Ah Pyusawhti Sakhan Pakhat Cu PDF Nih Drone In Bomb An Thlak Caah 4 An Thi: Sagaing ramṭhen, Chaung-U peng Kankyikone khua ummi, Pyusawhti sakhan cu drone in bomb kan thlak caah SAC ralkap kuttang Pyusawhti 3 le ralkap 1 an thi, tiah Myaing peng T.G.R phu in Bo Taik Kar nih a chim.

August 20 ah Chaung-U peng Kangyikone khua ah umhmun a khuarmi Pyusawhti sakhan cu, T.G.R women Drone Force le CRA Drone Team i bawm in T.G.R nih a serchuahmi bomb kan thlak hna caah Pyusawhti 3 le SAC ralkap 1 an thi, tiah ṭuanvo ngeitu nih cun a chim. Cu kahdohnak ah cun T.G.R Women Drone Force, CRA Drone Team, Saw Bwar Gyi (MPDF), le Bo Tauk Htun (MBTT) hna i bawm in an kah hna, tiah theih a si.

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