Ameciran President Joe Biden Nih Kawlram Uknak An Lak Kum Khat A Tlinnak Ah Thawngpang Ttha Tak Tak An Kan Phorh Ee

Myanmar ram chung ah ralhrang nih uknak an lak kum 1 atlin ni American president Biden cathanh


Biden nih ” A luancia mi kumkhat ah khan kawl relkap ralhrang hna nih Kawlram mipi hna nih saduhthah mi Democracy cu phihkham in, Kawlram acozah cu phih in hramhram in ralhrang hna nih uknak a lak. Mah in khan thawk in ralhrang phu hna nih,

Hngakchia pawl telhin Khuami, ram mi mipi cung ah relcawk a si lo mi fahnak harnak, fakpi in a pek hna, chim khawh rel khawh lo tiang in atuahto hna.  Minung 1,5000 renglo athah hna hlei ah minung thawng renglo a tlaih hna phun ning loin dan fak piin a pek hna.

Ramchung ah  mipi thleidannak zong fak piin achuah ter chinchin lengmang. Hramhram in uknak ala tu phu ralhrang  hna le  ahnu zulh tu pawl hna nih an mah nih an ser mi dithmun ah miaknak lak ding hmuh ding  lawng an i zuam i hramhram in uknak laknak cu Myanmar rampi chungah,

A ngan mi, afak mi sifah an tlai lo an tam chinchin i ramchung daihnak zalonak  zong a dawnkhan tu a si. Myanmar ram chung ah millions in aum mi mipi pawl cu nun khamh nak an herh tuk ko nain hramhram in uknak ala tu hna nih minung bomhchan tu lei cu,

Phihkham in bomhnak ape tu cozah riantuantu zong akham hna. Hi atuah sernak pawl hi kan mah lei zong nih kan cohlang khawh lo i uknak laknak le mipi pawl dawnkhan tu a si caah tuanvo angei tu hna nih tuanvo laknak caah ASEAN telin kan mah lei kan mah lei phu pawl, Mahamaih pawl he hmunkhat tein naihniamte he tuanvo kan lak ko.

Ralhrang hna nih atu an zulh mi lam hi hnu lei ah an kir pi lai i Daw Aung San Suu Gyi le U Win Myit telhin adang Democray aduh mi hruaitu phu pawl, thawngzamhtu pawl, Ramchung phudirh hruaitu pawl, hi dohtlennak ah acolcangh mi pawl le Ramdang mi pawl tibantukin phungning loin tlaih mi pawl cu athlah tthan hna lai.

Minung bomhchanhnak pekmi phu pawl le cozah riantuan tu pawl cu phihlhamnak um loin bomhchanh khawh nak a pek tthan hna lai. Ralhrang hna nih Kawlram Democracy phakterh khawh nak hnga ding caah aa pehtlaimi an za piin fak piin khat le khat tonbiaruaknak arannak in tuah a herh.


Ralhrang hna nih Kawlram Democracy au-aan pawl cu ka phihkham rih ko lai tiah ati a siah cun ralhrang le ralhrang acohlang tu pawl cu dan fak ppin pek dingah pehzulh in tuanvo kan lak rih ko lai. Myanmar mipi pawl hna nih zaanghlei an chuah nak cu philh zawrter aumlonak kong cu theihter kan duh hna.

Nan ram chungah Democracy le adikmi nawl upadi cu lakkhawh ding le hnu lei ah kir lo dingin zuamnak zaanghlei nan chuah mi cu nan nih pawl cu kan mah lei zong nih pehzulh in thazaang kan i pek peng ko hna lai i ka i cohlang ko hna lai” tiah a ti.

English in rel a duh mi caah,Statement by President Joe Biden Marking One Year Since the Coup in BurmaOne year ago, the Burmese military denied the will of the people of Burma, overthrew the democratically elected government, and seized power in a coup d’etat.

Since then, the regime has perpetrated countless brutal actions and committed unspeakable violence against civilians, including children. More than 1,500 people have been killed. Thousands have been unjustly detained or subjected to sham trials. Corruption is rampant.
Civil conflict has worsened. The coup has caused immense suffering across Burma and undermined regional stability, while the leaders of the regime and their supporters seek to profit off the chaos they have created. And though millions across Burma are in desperate need of life-saving aid, the regime denies humanitarian access and attacks aid workers.
We condemn these outrages and we are working closely with our partners and allies, including in ASEAN, to hold accountable all those responsible for the coup and attacks on civilians. The military regime must reverse course and release all those unjustly detained including Aung San Suu Kyi and Win Myint, other democratically elected leaders,
journalists, civil society leaders, activists, and foreign citizens. Humanitarian workers must be allowed unhindered access. And the regime should immediately engage in a meaningful dialogue with all parties to return Burma to its democratic path.
As long as the regime continues to deny the people of Burma their democratic voice, we will continue to impose further costs on the military and its supporters.
To the people of Burma: We have not forgotten your struggle. And we will continue to support your valiant determination to bring democracy and the rule of law to your country.
Laknak- The White House

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